Stem cells have significant potential beyond their use in cell therapy treatments for disease. For example, they are being increasingly used in the drug discovery process as a screening tool against which drug candidates can be screened for toxicity. We have developed a range of cell lines for non-therapeutic applications in academic or commercial research, our ReNcell® products. ReNcell®VM is a neural cell line derived from the ventral mesencephalon region of the brain, and ReNcell®CX is derived from the cerebral cortex. A series of specifications have been developed describing the ability of these cell lines to grow and retain stability after culturing, to differentiate readily into the principal neural cell types, including neurons, and for the derived neurons to show physiological properties indicative of mature neurons. We have licensed the ReNcell®VM and ReNcell®CX cell lines exclusively to Merck Millipore, a leading US-based reagent distributor, for manufacture and worldwide distribution through their research reagent catalogue. Since market launch, further data illustrating the potential of these cell lines in various non-therapeutic applications have been published by leading academic groups in peer-reviewed scientific journals. To find out more about ReNeuron’s ReNcell® products, and to place an order via the Merck Millipore website, please click here.