CustomExTM: A customisable Exosome Platform

  • ReNeuron seeks partnerships with companies developing promising drug candidates who are interested in our CustomExTM   Exosome delivery platform.
  • Exosomes address delivery challenges for a variety of payloads such as siRNA, mRNA, proteins, and gene editing technologies.
  • Using our iPSC platform we have the potential to produce exosomes with tissue specific targeting ability.
  • This Technology supported by an extensive Intellectual property portfolio.

For Partnering our CustomExTM   Exosome Platform and non-confidential information, please reach out here


Conditionally immortalized Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) platform

  • We have the capability for partnering and the rapid development of new allogeneic cell lines as cell-based therapeutics or for the production of Exosomes with specific tissue targeting tropisms.

For Partnering opportunities and non-confidential information, please reach out here.  


hRPC Program in Retinitis Pigmentosa

  • Our human retinal progenitor cell line (hRPC) has been dosed in patients in a Phase 1/2a clinical program in the US. The Company intends to out-license its RP program (outside of China).

CTX Stroke Program

  • ReNeuron’s immortalized neural progenitor cell line (CTX) completed a Phase 2 b study in the US as a therapy for the treatment of patients left disabled by a stroke.
  • This program continues through its partnership with Fosun Pharma in China and is available for out-license outside of China.

For Partnering or further information about these programs including clinical trials please reach out here.