What are Exosomes ?

  • Naturally occurring biological nano particles produced by every cell to mediate intercellular communication.
  • Can encapsulate various biological molecules within their lipid bilayer membrane or within the lumen of the Exosome.
  • Can be engineered to deliver drug cargos to target cells, offering an opportunity to treat diseases.

The Benefits of Exosomes

  • Proven ability to carry and deliver a variety of cargos including proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Potential to deliver more than one bio-active cargo simultaneously.
  • Target recipient cells via specific surface proteins that are determined by their cell of origin.
  • Low or no immunogenicity, thereby evading immune detection.

Current delivery mechanisms have limitations

  • Viral vectors have been plagued by side effect issues and high costs, limitation on the type and size of cargo they can deliver.
  • Lipid Nanoparticles have no natural tropism with delivery mainly to the liver.
  • Both have immunogenetic properties that are problematic.

ReNeuron :  A Leader in the field of Exosome Therapeutics

CustomEXTM: A customisable Exosome platform

  • Seven proprietary conditionally immortalised exosome producer stem cell lines producing unique exosome populations.
  • ReNeuron’s iPSC platform allows production of exosomes that have the functional properties based on parent stem cells.
  • Capable of delivering variety of payloads including proteins and nucleic acids and the next generation for delivery of gene editing technologies.
  • Data highlights increased uptake and delivery of payload when compared to a conventional HEK exosome approach.
  • Our CustomEX exosomes have distinct surface marker profiles (tropisms) enabling a greater tissue targeting capability.