Open label prospective study of the safety and tolerability of the human retinal progenitor cell (hRPC) therapy candidate in the treatment of patients with retinitis pigmentosa.

Clinical Trial Stage: Phase 1/2a

Trial Purpose: To evaluate the safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy of sub-retinally transplanted hRPCs in patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa.

Status: Enrolment is complete; programme to be out-licensed

Randomised, placebo-controlled study of efficacy and safety of CTX cells in subjects with disability following ischaemic stroke (PISCES III).

Clinical Trial Stage: Phase 2b

Trial Purpose: To assess the efficacy of intracerebral CTX0E03 DP by change in degree of dependency and disability from baseline, as measured by modified Rankin Score (mRS).

Status : Study in US terminated (strategic decision to progress stroke disability programme through regional partnerships)

Efficacy study of CTX cells in patients with stable paresis of the arm following an ischaemic stroke (PISCES II).

Clinical Trial Stage: Phase 2a

Trial Purpose: To determine if treatment at a dose of 20m cells improves recovery in use of paretic arm in stroke patients to justify a larger pivotal study

Status : Study completed

Safety study of CTX cells in the treatment of patients with stable ischaemic stroke (PISCES I).

Clinical Trial Stage: Phase 1

Trial Purpose: To test safety of CTX cells delivered by injection into the damaged brains of male patients > 60 left moderately to severely disabled 6 months to 5 years following an ischaemic stroke

Status : Data reported

Non-interventional, observational study for patients with stable ischaemic stroke to document clinical course and establish pool of patients for on-going trials.

Clinical Trial Stage: Observational

Trial Purpose: To build data set in untreated disabled stroke patients and facilitate on-going clinical trials

Status: Study completed

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