ReNeuron’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr John Sinden, today provided an update on the Company’s stem cell transplantation programmes at the Marcus Evans 2nd Annual International Stem Cells Conference in London.

ReNeuron has now developed an extensive collection of normal human cell lines derived from single human brain stem cells and conditionally immortalised using proprietary c-myc technology. The cell lines have all been developed to meet the current international regulatory requirements for transplantation.

More than 100 lines were initially screened by in vitro assays and the most promising have been subsequently tested in vivo for survival, differentiation and migration. Despite the cell lines behaving similarly in in vitro testing, in vivo data was essential to distinguish lines worthy of further study in long term transplant experiments.

Six cell lines showing very good in vivo properties have been selected for an ongoing evaluation in models of stroke, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Dementia, the results from which will be known over the coming months.

Dr Sinden said:

“Our experience suggests that a combination of in vitro and in vivo screening is essential to select cells for long term transplantation experiments. Even an extensive panel of in vitro assays did not completely eliminate lines with poor in vivo survival. The best of our new cell lines show very encouraging in vivo properties which we believe will ultimately lead to success in our cell transplantation programmes.”

ReNeuron has also developed a number of similar stem cell lines, known as ReNcell, that are being developed and marketed for use as a drug discovery tool. Recent data indicates that the ReNcell lines can be easily matured in vitro to produce a rich neural network containing cells which have the phenotypical and electrophysiological properties of neurones.

ReNeuron has, today, separately announced the re-registration of ReNeuron Holdings plc as a private company, ReNeuron (UK) Limited, and has also announced certain Board changes.

Notes to editors

ReNeuron is a UK bio-pharmaceutical company developing proprietary treatments for neurological disorders. Its focus is the development of innovative neural stem cell transplantation technology for the treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and stroke. The Company is also exploiting the use of its stem cell lines as a drug discovery platform through its ReNcell product, which is marketed to pharmaceutical companies and academia for use as a drug discovery tool and for general research. ReNeuron’s stem cells also have the capability to form neural networks suitable for use in biosensors, currently being developed as a potential detection tool to combat bio-terrorism or as a drug-screening tool in the pharmaceutical industry.

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