KPMG Corporate Finance, on behalf of St James’s MGP Limited (“St James’s”), announced on 6th May 2003 that the Offer for ReNeuron has become wholly unconditional. In the Offer document dated 8th April 2003, it was stated that St James’s intends, following the Offer becoming unconditional, to cancel the AIM trading facility.

Consequently, the Company announces that it has today applied to the London Stock Exchange to cancel its AIM trading facility at the close of business on 16th May 2003.

Shareholders ought to be aware that following the cancellation of the trading on AIM there will be no ready market to sell shares in the Company. Shareholders who wish to accept the Offer should note that has been extended until further notice.

Further information

Dr Martin Edwards, Chief Executive Officer,
ReNeuron Holdings plc,
Telephone: 01483 302560.