Exosome Platform

Cells often communicate via exosomes, nano-sized packages of information released by the cell for absorption by other cells in close proximity. These packages of information contain a variety of proteins, genetic material and other cargo which have the ability to induce functional changes in recipient cells. Under certain conditions, exosomes produced by stem cells initiate repair and regeneration. However depending on the state of the cell and its environmental stimuli, stem cells have the ability to communicate different information and induce different functional changes. We have therefore developed a technology by which a permanent stem cell line can be cultured under different environments to produce specific therapeutic agents that can be harvested at a commercially relevant scale. The ability to produce commercially valuable therapeutic products from stem cell-derived exosomes demands a standardised stem cell producer line appropriately sourced and isolated, manufactured to GMP, grown in serum-free conditions and (ideally) already having demonstrated patient safety. In the stem cell field, our CTX cell line uniquely meets all these conditions.

Summary of exosomes as regenerative therapy

  • Exosomes can mirror the functionality (therapeutic effects) of their parent cells.
  • Stem cell-derived exosomes have generally been found to be less immunogenic than cells. Thus, “off the shelf” products may readily be developed using exosomes with negligible immunogenicity.
  • Exosomes can be stored without cryo-preservatives at -20°C for 6 months with no loss in their biochemical activities.
  • An important feature of exosomes is encapsulation. Protecting their contents from degradation, thereby, preventing certain active ingredients from being rapidly degraded.
  • The durability of exosomes in culture permits large quantities of exosomes to be harvested and collected from cell culture medium.
  • By changing the cells environment you can change the exosome function.

Please click below to watch an animation which illustrates how exosomes function: