The current issued share capital of the Company, including shares issued under its blocklisting facility, is 1,788,827,700 ordinary shares. No shares are held as treasury.

The Directors (together with their families and their family trusts and pension scheme arrangements) in aggregate hold 31,256,631 ordinary shares in the Company, representing 1.747% of the Company’s current issued share capital.

27.82% of the issued share capital was not in public hands.

The Company is aware of the following significant (3% or greater) shareholdings in the Company’s ordinary shares:

Number of ordinary shares % of issued share capital
Woodford Investment Management 26.10%
The Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund LP 11.18%
Abingworth Bioventures VI LP 5.28%
Invesco Limited 4.92%

The above information was last updated on Friday, 29 May 2015