ReNeuron welcomes today’s announcement that a research team at Kings College London have been successful in growing the UK’s first human embryonic stem cell line. Although ReNeuron uses foetal, as opposed to embryonic, stem cell lines in its development programmes, the Company believes in the broad potential of stem cell research for therapeutic purposes, and thus welcomes any advances in the field, generally.

ReNeuron has previously demonstrated its support of wider stem cell research through its intention of making available for academic use a well characterised and screened human brain stem cell line for deposit into the Medical Research Council’s newly-established UK stem cell bank.

ReNeuron’s focus remains the development of ground-breaking cell transplantation therapies to treat patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, stroke and other diseases of the brain. The Company recently announced that it had now generated commercially viable numbers of neural stem cell lines that are genetically stable in long term culture, an important breakthrough for the Company.

Notes to editors

ReNeuron Holdings PLC is a UK bio-pharmaceutical company developing proprietary treatments for neurological disorders. Its focus is the development of innovative neural stem cell transplantation technology for the treatment of brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and stroke. The Company is also exploiting the use of its stem cell lines as a drug discovery platform through its ReNcell product, which is marketed to pharmaceutical companies and academia for use as a drug discovery tool and for general research. ReNeuron’s stem cells also have the capability to form neural networks suitable for use in biosensors, currently being developed to detect harmful agents in the event of bio-terrorism attacks or for use as a drug screening tool in the pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to its stem cell programmes, ReNeuron is also developing more conventional drugs targeting diseases of the nervous system. ReNeuron has in-licensed two protein-based therapeutics, ReN1820 and ReN1826, which are currently in pre-clinical development.

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