Critical limb ischaemia is the severe ‘end stage’ manifestation of peripheral arterial disease and is caused by chronic lack of blood supply to the leg due to obstruction of blood flow in the peripheral arteries. The condition is characterised by pain at rest and lesions of the leg. The patients’ quality of life at the end stages of CLI is considered to be worse than those with terminal cancer due to chronic pain state and the loss of mobility. There is a large burden in hospital care and infrastructure in continued patient treatment. Many CLI patients currently have no treatment option other than limb amputation, as surgical re-vascularisation is contra-indicated or ineffective in these patients.

We have completed recruitment in a UK Phase I clinical trial of our CTX cell therapy in limb ischaemia patients. with no significant adverse safety events reported post-administration of the CTX cells via intramuscular injections.

We recently announced that we had put our CLI programme on hold in order to focus on the significant opportunity presented by our stroke disability programme and our expanded retinal disease programmes.

For further information please refer to the clinical trials page.